Yomen: A Spring Celebration – Roseville

Yomen: A Spring Celebration

Sunday April 27, 10am-3pm

The Maidu Yomen spring event is one of many traditional acknowledgements and celebrations of the natural cycles of the earth by the local Native Peoples. If you knew what to look for, each season brought a new opportunity for bounty from the ever changing living landscape.

Throughout the morning and afternoon of this event, various California Indian traditionalists provide dancing, storytelling and singing to celebrate the coming of spring, a welcome time of new growth and the guarantee of fresh foods and warmer weather.

Explore the Historic Site with guided tours, every hour. Petroglyphs, hundreds of bedrock mortars and a large midden area accentuate the story of the Nisenan Maidu People who thrived on this land for thousands of years.

Other activities make it a great event for the whole family. Children’s activities include flute and bracelet making, petroglyph rubbings, soapstone carving and acorn grinding. Live animals on display. The Museum itself provides a glimpse into the cultural and material life of the Maidu Peoples with dozens of exhibits and interactive displays.

Throughout the museum, demonstrators show how traditional skills are still being practiced, creating tools and crafts that would provide all life’s needs in a Maidu village. In the shade of an ancient oak, traditional Native artists exhibit their unique items for sale.

When you get hungry, you will have many choices of foods, beverages and treats including Indian tacos.

This is a free community event.


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