I love JellyFish!

Have you ever been to Monterey Bay Aquarium? If you haven’t this might be the way to go, this is not necessarily a kid event. There is an entire section of the aquarium dedicated to the art of the Jellyfish. This hands down has to be my favorite section. Lots of color and abstract art. I highly recommend this section. Jellyfish come in all shapes, sizes, colors, hues, they just have a way of flowing in the water that make them so majestic.

Taken directly from www.montereybayaquarium.org

Jellyfish Jamboree

Jellyfish Jamboree

Nov. 2-3 (Sat.-Sun.)
Free with Aquarium admission

The magical world of jellies—graceful, dancing drifters that pulse and glow, flash colorful lights and often pack a powerful sting—comes alive in all its wondrous glory during Jellyfish Jamboree. Explore the psychedelic world of jellies, enjoy special presentations, groove to live music and meet jelly aquarists who raise one of the ocean’s most mysterious invertebrates.



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