Dennis the Menace Park, Monterey CA

As promised I visited this park. Here is my last post.


I didn’t feel comfortable taking a video of this park since there was a lot of people there. I know that sometimes people can get protective of people taking videos of their children. Infact it was tricky getting picture of this park without people in them. I tried my best. 😉

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Dennis the Menace park is amazing. There are so many things to do. There are at least 3 play structures with slides, climbing stairs and monkey bars. There are multiple slides a really cool long roller slide, which the kids LOVE!, a slide off the side of a hill. Pictures and my description do not do this park justice. There is rock walls, swings, a hanging bridge, a small maze, and even a skate park (sorry no pics.)

If you are ever in the area this is definitely a must see. I do have a couple of things you should know.

1. During the school season this park is closed on Tuesdays

2. No dogs allowed (pretty sad since most of Monterey is pet friendly)

3. This one is probably the most important thing to remember. RACCOON FECES. Do NOT eat at this park without washing your hands!

4. Since this park is busy watch your children. Very large place and very easy to lose a child without proper supervision.


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