Blue Oaks Park and Adam V Baquera, Roseville CA

These two parks are connected with a nice walking trail. The trail is paved, but you have to remember that there are wild animals on this trail. When we went we saw wild turkeys. Although really cool to see, they are wild animals and can be unpredictable. I would not recommend this to anyone that has kids that like to wonder off.

The first park Blue Oaks Park. This is more of a fun stopping spot, it doesn’t have a play structure instead has rocks that kids can climb on. My kids had a blast showing off their skill. This park also has swings, basketball court and picnic tables. Really nice for a short period of time. No restrooms. Trail is pet friendly. Located next to Blue Oaks Elementary

The second park Adam V. Baquera is the nicer of the two parks. The only problem I have with this park is that it has no restrooms. Huge play structure, a little bridge to walking trail, trees, swings, path around park and basketball.  Located at the end of cul du sac.

The pictures below are a combination of ones I took and ones given to me by a GoMommyNow contributor.

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Blue Oaks Park

Adam V. Baquera Park


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