Diamond Oaks Park, Roseville CA


Diamond Oaks Park is in a nice neighborhood.

Here is a little video of the park:

There are 2 sides to the park, I will have to go back and get separate pictures. This one does not do the park justice. It is one giant structure connected by a rope bridge. On the picture below the side with the slide is for “big kids” and the left of the picture if where the “little kid” side is.



It was such a beautiful day I took a picture of the trees in full bloom. I was on my way to the Park sign and couldn’t resist.






Here is a picture of the basketball court, it’s quite nice and every time I have been to this park not in use very often.


Like any other park in Roseville, this park is not pet friendly, but if you clean up after your pet people don’t seem to mind. This park also has a port-o-potty as the restroom and it’s not very clean, it works in a pinch.


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